Friday, January 20, 2012


Hey Sarah, I'm back.
I know I know less than 24 hours is MUCH too long to go without posting...and even though I already told you all of this over email, I still want to share it with da world wide web! I'm going to be preparing for a fashion show while I'm here! The designers are from all over Africa and I'm jumpin' for joy. Today was the first official meeting where the designers were all together and they cast the models they'll each be using. I sat in the back like a loner but my social status during this period really could not have mattered less as it was so interesting! After many catwalks and much whispering between the designers the models that are to walk in the show in February were chosen. They were then taken away in groups of about two so that they could receive their fittings. I'm so honored and excited to be a part of this experience! I love love love fashion (Really? You couldn't tell?) so I'm probably a little more crazed over this than most people.
OK I'm done!

Lots of love!!

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