Friday, January 20, 2012

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I am just writing to say ksdflkjsd;akj you are so lucky and that I cannot wait to hear all about some great African fashion. Sweet jesus you lead a blessed life. Especially since I know for a fact they wanted to cast you as a model AND have you be an assistant. How could they resist your charms? (;;;
The above is some random stuff I've made in art over the last month or so.


Hey Sarah, I'm back.
I know I know less than 24 hours is MUCH too long to go without posting...and even though I already told you all of this over email, I still want to share it with da world wide web! I'm going to be preparing for a fashion show while I'm here! The designers are from all over Africa and I'm jumpin' for joy. Today was the first official meeting where the designers were all together and they cast the models they'll each be using. I sat in the back like a loner but my social status during this period really could not have mattered less as it was so interesting! After many catwalks and much whispering between the designers the models that are to walk in the show in February were chosen. They were then taken away in groups of about two so that they could receive their fittings. I'm so honored and excited to be a part of this experience! I love love love fashion (Really? You couldn't tell?) so I'm probably a little more crazed over this than most people.
OK I'm done!

Lots of love!!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Dear Sarah,
As you know I'm in Africa. Ehh that's really weird to say even though I have been for a few weeks now. Sorry for not posting sooner but everything seems to be moving so quickly right now and I'm just standing around like:
But things finally seem to be finding a somewhat steady pace leaving time to just enjoy the fact that I am here, getting this experience in the first place. 

-yes my school has a uniform.
-yes I look like a man.

The uniform isn't exactly a typical one in the way that here students are allowed to wear what they want as long as their clothes fall into the guidelines of what has been set (much different from all the other schools here, private and public *gasp* THE HORROR) ie. white collared shirt and black pants(nothing tight or revealing) which leaves somewhat little to the imagination. As I got ready for school yesterday (the first day) I looked into the mirror; I won't lie and tell  you I enjoyed the sight of myself in black slacks and a boys polo from Patagonia, but when in Rome...
I'm going to have to find some time where I can model or display some the beautiful clothes here since I'm not able to wear them on a regular basis. I love how totally different fashion is in Botswana and I can't wait to check out what their couture lines look like. 
So here's a little taste of the culture here with a dress my dear mother bought recently to wear around as she has now been abandoned by her children for the sake of their education:

SO LONG AND FARTHEEWELL I'm sure I'll be posting soon<3

P.S: In reply to your latest post on tattoos I think I've always wanted one but I've never known what I've wanted to get/where I've wanted to get it on ma bod. Although as of late my letters to Mr. McCartney have been sent and hopefully someday I'll be getting a tattoo of his autograph. Writing that down sounds totally lame but I WANT ITTT I WANT IT SO BAAAD(getitgetit? heheh lyrics...get peace.)

Monday, January 9, 2012





Dear Charlotte,
First of all, you're in Botswana. HOW can this be?! I find it hard to believe you are actually there in Africa, especially because we're communicating via email so often. It seems like in actuality you're just at home pretending to be in Africa as this elaborate prank on me. You'll show up at school one day and be like, "You actually BELIEVED me?! HAH you're dumb!" and then life will continue on.
Now to focus on the topic at hand: tattoos. We have discussed them often recently and I was just thinking how my view on them has changed over the years. When I was younger I thought they were the trashiest most idiotic things, especially when I'd hear stories about a girl getting her boyfriend's name tattooed on her ass, only to break up with him the following week.
But now, I'm pretty sure when I turn 18 I want one. It would have to be simple, classy, small, and in the vicinity of my wrist or ankle, so as not to get creepy and wrinkly when I get old. The main reason I want one is as a reminder of something. Maybe a simple command like "Listen" really small on my right wrist, or the sign for "infinite" which has a lot of meaning for me, thanks to The Perks of Being a Wallflower. We've even talked about each of us making a drawing to have done when we're eighteen. Personally I'm all for it.
In the back of my mind I do sort of wonder if I just want one because I think girls with tattoos on tumblr look really cool with them. I mean if I'm being honest appearance does have a teeeeny bit to do with my want for a tattoo, but really it mostly has to do with wanting to have a reminder of a good thing.
Apparently bodies have been found dating back up to 5,000 years ago that are tattooed which I think is pretty intriguing. That means that humans almost have an instinct to brand symbols on themselves. I guess it's all just part of a battle to give our lives meaning.
The utter permanence of it does freak me out though.
Have you always been cool with tattoos or is it only recently? How did you used to think of them? Can you picture yourself as a cool old cat lady with a bunch of tats? (< kinda how I picture myself in the future HAWW)
I'LL BE SEEING YOU (except not because you're in Botswana, WAHH),

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Earrings and Goodbye(for a day or two)

So this wonderfully attractive picture of me aside, can we all just take a moment to bask in the glory of these earrings? I know you have them as well Sarah so this is for the masses. LOOK. BEHOLD. Snape's beautiful face shines down upon us all. I'm so happy I have friends like you, Clare and Emma that enjoy making creepy jewelry like this as much as I do.
Okay so ignore the strange glow emitting from my chin and my deathlike stare as I tried to center the camera...and focus on these earrings people! My grandmother got them in Venice this past year and gave them to me for Christ-anukkah(has a nice ring dontcha think...) Due to the lack of clarity in my crappy webcam the picture doesn't really do them justice. The large bottom part is multicolored painted glass and the top are hand made clear glass beads. PERTTTTYY. I'm on this thing where I really like dangly bigger earrings again(bringing back my 2nd grade fascination...)

This is going to be my last post in the good ol' U.S of A, as I leave for Africa tomorrow! So fare thee well and I'll post again soon! 

p.s: Can I just get a round of applause for Clare's amazing musical tribute post? I kinda want to start with more guest writers, it's fun. Whaddya think?

Ok by ferrealz this time.

Quality Music Choices with Clare! HUZZAH!

Okay, I’m sending some quality music ideas your way NOW! (: 
Here are some albums that I love in no particular order. Actually, I think they might be in alphabetically order (by artist) because I just went straight down through my Itunes and picked my favorites. You should definitely check out all of them. I will explain the ones that I feel deserve/require an explanation.
1.     Back To Black- Amy Winehouse 
 This is one of my favorite albums ever. She is absolutely incredible. Her voice is so soulful and her songs so passionate. R.I.P Amy, we miss you:( 
2.     Funeral- Arcade Fire
3.     Abbey Road- The Beatles
 I AM A BEATLES FANATIC (just like Charlotte and Sarah!) They are my favorite band of all time. I love all of their albums tremendously but there is definitely something special about this one in particular. I’m in love with every single song on the album. It never gets old. Ever. 
4.     El Caminio- The Black Keys
 This is their newest album. I had doubts when it first came out because I didn’t think they would be able to follow or out do their last album, Brothers (another fabulous album, I might say) but they definitely did an amazing job with this one as well. Going to see them in concert in April. Hell yeaaaah.
5.     Bon Iver- Bon Iver
6.     Nighttiming- Coconut Records
7.     Hunky Dory- David Bowie
 David Bowie<3333333
8.     LP- Discovery
 Sarah turned me on to them! At first, I didn’t really like them but they definitely grew on me. I love the mix of electronic and Indie music. The keyboardist from Vampire Weekend and the singer of Ra Ra Riot 
9.     Up From Below- Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros
10.   Torches- Foster the People
11.   Easy Wonderful- Guster
 ANOTHER ONE OF MY FAVORITE BANDS OF ALL TIME. They are extremely talented in every way and their songs are creative and original. They are from Portland, mah home town, and it’s very inspiring to see how they went from being a small, unknown band to being pretty well known. Being a musician, I know how hard it is to get gigs and try to get yourselves out there. What they’ve done IS MY DREAM. Props to them! I recommend all of their albums!
12.   Speak for Yourself- Imogen Heap
13.   The Kink Kronikles- The Kinks
14.   Junk of The Heart- The Kooks
15.   Born This Way- Lady Gaga
 Not gonna lie, Gaga’s my guilty pleasure. She’s expressive, she supports everything I stand for, she’s badass and I like her music. I wanna meet her- I’ve heard she’s a pretty stupendous lady.
16.   Turtleneck & Chain- The Lonely Island
 I FUCKING LOVE ANDY SAMBERG. HE IS MY HERO. They’re hilarious. If you haven’t already, check em’ out. 
17.   Oracular Spectacular -MGMT
18.   Good News for Bad People- Modest Mouse
 One of my favorite albums of all time. They’re an alternative/indie band. They have fantastic lyrics and their lead singer has the most unique voice ever. The other album by them that I listed on here is also pretty darn good, if I do say so myself.
19.   Sign No More- Mumford & Sons
20.   We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank- Modest Mouse
21.   Harmony- Nevershoutnever!
 Another guilty pleasure.... don’t judge.
22.   Feels Like Home- Norah Jones
23.   These Streets- Paolo Nutini
24.   Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix- Phoenix
 I love Phoenix. Everything about them is appealing. They have a unique sound and they write about stuff that everyone can relate to. Does it get any better?
25.   Dark Side of the Moon- Pink Floyd
 HAVE YOU EVER WATCHED THE WIZARD OF OZ WHILE LISTENING TO THIS ALBUM? IT’S PRETTY TRIPPY AND FUCKING AWESOME. They are one of the most creative bands of all time. The way they sing, their harmony, use of other sounds other than instruments, the lyrics and of course, the instrumentals are absolutely breathtaking. This album is actually not only an album, but a piece of art. Every song leads perfectly into the next song and in a way, tells a story. It’s brilliant. I love it.
26.   Hail To the Thief- Radiohead
 Dear, everyone who hasn’t listened to Radiohead before, GO HITHER. LISTEN TO THE BEAUTY OF THEIR MUSIC. YOU WILL NOT BE SORRY. love, a Radiohead fan.
27.   Californication- Red Hot Chili Peppers
28.   Begin to Hope- Regina Spektor
 The best singer/songwriter/pianist of my generation. Although her lyrics are strange, they always tell a beautiful story. Her voice is almost magical and no song is alike. Yeaaaah Regina.
29.   Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme- Simon and Garfunkel
30.   40 Oz. To Freedom- Sublime
31.   Tourist History- Two Door Cinema Club
32.   Vampire Weekend- Vampire Weekend
33.   The Virgins- The Virgins
34.   Young the Giant- Young the Giant
Should have won Best New Artist of 2011 this year but nooo, everyone voted for Tyler the Creator. Why would anyone pick that scaryass, rapping mofo over Young the Giant? I don’t know. I really don’t.