Friday, December 30, 2011


Okay, so I procrastinate a lot and its something I'm trying to control. Without much luck however as I'm only just now responding to your post about keeping a journal...Like you, I've tried over the years to document my life in the usual ways through diaries(journals, diaries whatevah) and I've always failed. I think the longest I have been able to continue with one has been about three days. Maybe this comes back to this whole procrastination thing but I don't really feel like becoming introspective and fixing my problems so we'll just leave it at that. I did however save all my of sad attempts as becoming the iconic diary-writing, make-up-wearing girl that I wanted to be. Looking through them now I've realized I had a strange affinity for drawing hands and pictures of myself in later years(maybe everyone did this). Writing was usually secondary to my sketches, probably since I'm a lazy sea lion and writing out my day quickly got tedious...

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Monday, December 19, 2011

Keeping a Journal


Dear Charlotte,
Halfway through my frustratingly repetitive and unhelpful English homework, I started thinking about what I'd actually enjoy doing in the class. One thing that came to mind was keeping a journal. From about 4th grade onward I have tried and failed at keeping a permanent record of my thoughts and experiences. I've only had 2 that lasted longer then a month-one that took up most of my eighth grade year and another that I started writing last year. Part of the problem, I think, is that actually recording what happened today or talking about whatever guy I like at the moment seems pretty trivial and kind of boring because I know in the scheme of things, none of that matters. However, I like the idea of putting down on paper whatever personal feelings and questions run through my head and have them immortalized on paper, even if later I will look back and be embarrassed at my own ignorance/stupidity/I-think-I'm-so-deepness. I guess keeping a journal in English class would kind of actually suck though, because I wouldn't be writing what I am really thinking/feeling for fear of Mr. Dowling reading it. It would force me to confront myself and actually ask myself questions though. What do you think? Have you ever kept a journal? LET ME KNOW SISTAH,
love ya,

Monday, December 12, 2011

Dear Sarah-
I'm slightly terrified of putting this video up on the blog, but here we go...

Backstory: Sarah, Clare and Charlotte had too much time on their hands one fine afternoon and decided to create this superb music video to the song "What If God Was One Of Us"

..that's all I'm going to say..

(After this can we please go back to fashion posts...)

Cha Cha Chooo

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sloppy Firsts by Megan McCafferty

megan mccafferty
I know that we have discussed this series before, but I just reread the first one, Sloppy Firsts, again and DAYUUUM that is one fine piece of teen lit (although it is labeled as an adult novel.. weird). Sloppy Firsts and all the characters that live within it's pages are so memorable and real to me that for some reason I keep having the urge to reread the entire series. Jessica Darling, in particular, in her teen-angsty way, makes me love the books. Not only because she is funny, observant, and all-around cynical, (all characteristics I love) but also because she is going through a similarly hellish high school experience as us. As I am sure you remember, at the start of the first novel she is coping with her friend Hope leaving town (like you will be leaving me soon!), pressure from her dad to be the best at track (seriously Charlotte, this girl and I have so much in common..), mind-numbing insomnia, and no one she can really connect with. Much of this changes when she starts talking to a "Dreg" named Marcus Flutie who she can't quite figure out entirely. While Jessica does a lot of moping, especially in the first book, it is counteracted by witty insight and spontaneous, often hilarious, rants. It's easy to become absorbed into her world. I just read that it is in the works to become a movie as well, HURRAH! Now I gotta go reread book 2!