Friday, December 30, 2011


Okay, so I procrastinate a lot and its something I'm trying to control. Without much luck however as I'm only just now responding to your post about keeping a journal...Like you, I've tried over the years to document my life in the usual ways through diaries(journals, diaries whatevah) and I've always failed. I think the longest I have been able to continue with one has been about three days. Maybe this comes back to this whole procrastination thing but I don't really feel like becoming introspective and fixing my problems so we'll just leave it at that. I did however save all my of sad attempts as becoming the iconic diary-writing, make-up-wearing girl that I wanted to be. Looking through them now I've realized I had a strange affinity for drawing hands and pictures of myself in later years(maybe everyone did this). Writing was usually secondary to my sketches, probably since I'm a lazy sea lion and writing out my day quickly got tedious...

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