Monday, December 19, 2011

Keeping a Journal


Dear Charlotte,
Halfway through my frustratingly repetitive and unhelpful English homework, I started thinking about what I'd actually enjoy doing in the class. One thing that came to mind was keeping a journal. From about 4th grade onward I have tried and failed at keeping a permanent record of my thoughts and experiences. I've only had 2 that lasted longer then a month-one that took up most of my eighth grade year and another that I started writing last year. Part of the problem, I think, is that actually recording what happened today or talking about whatever guy I like at the moment seems pretty trivial and kind of boring because I know in the scheme of things, none of that matters. However, I like the idea of putting down on paper whatever personal feelings and questions run through my head and have them immortalized on paper, even if later I will look back and be embarrassed at my own ignorance/stupidity/I-think-I'm-so-deepness. I guess keeping a journal in English class would kind of actually suck though, because I wouldn't be writing what I am really thinking/feeling for fear of Mr. Dowling reading it. It would force me to confront myself and actually ask myself questions though. What do you think? Have you ever kept a journal? LET ME KNOW SISTAH,
love ya,

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