Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sloppy Firsts by Megan McCafferty

megan mccafferty
I know that we have discussed this series before, but I just reread the first one, Sloppy Firsts, again and DAYUUUM that is one fine piece of teen lit (although it is labeled as an adult novel.. weird). Sloppy Firsts and all the characters that live within it's pages are so memorable and real to me that for some reason I keep having the urge to reread the entire series. Jessica Darling, in particular, in her teen-angsty way, makes me love the books. Not only because she is funny, observant, and all-around cynical, (all characteristics I love) but also because she is going through a similarly hellish high school experience as us. As I am sure you remember, at the start of the first novel she is coping with her friend Hope leaving town (like you will be leaving me soon!), pressure from her dad to be the best at track (seriously Charlotte, this girl and I have so much in common..), mind-numbing insomnia, and no one she can really connect with. Much of this changes when she starts talking to a "Dreg" named Marcus Flutie who she can't quite figure out entirely. While Jessica does a lot of moping, especially in the first book, it is counteracted by witty insight and spontaneous, often hilarious, rants. It's easy to become absorbed into her world. I just read that it is in the works to become a movie as well, HURRAH! Now I gotta go reread book 2!

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