Thursday, January 19, 2012

Dear Sarah,
As you know I'm in Africa. Ehh that's really weird to say even though I have been for a few weeks now. Sorry for not posting sooner but everything seems to be moving so quickly right now and I'm just standing around like:
But things finally seem to be finding a somewhat steady pace leaving time to just enjoy the fact that I am here, getting this experience in the first place. 

-yes my school has a uniform.
-yes I look like a man.

The uniform isn't exactly a typical one in the way that here students are allowed to wear what they want as long as their clothes fall into the guidelines of what has been set (much different from all the other schools here, private and public *gasp* THE HORROR) ie. white collared shirt and black pants(nothing tight or revealing) which leaves somewhat little to the imagination. As I got ready for school yesterday (the first day) I looked into the mirror; I won't lie and tell  you I enjoyed the sight of myself in black slacks and a boys polo from Patagonia, but when in Rome...
I'm going to have to find some time where I can model or display some the beautiful clothes here since I'm not able to wear them on a regular basis. I love how totally different fashion is in Botswana and I can't wait to check out what their couture lines look like. 
So here's a little taste of the culture here with a dress my dear mother bought recently to wear around as she has now been abandoned by her children for the sake of their education:

SO LONG AND FARTHEEWELL I'm sure I'll be posting soon<3

P.S: In reply to your latest post on tattoos I think I've always wanted one but I've never known what I've wanted to get/where I've wanted to get it on ma bod. Although as of late my letters to Mr. McCartney have been sent and hopefully someday I'll be getting a tattoo of his autograph. Writing that down sounds totally lame but I WANT ITTT I WANT IT SO BAAAD(getitgetit? heheh lyrics...get peace.)

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