Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I completely agree with your last post about Tumblr vs. Facebook (we're such a deep blog...) and to be honest a lot of the artistic ideas I have often grow from various pictures I've reblogged on the website. I think it's really helpful with finding an outlet where you can express who you really are without retribution from any of those girls who like making insults that sound like compliments at school. 
So remember that fashion show a few weeks back? A day or so later it was featured on the front page of the country paper! Yes I'm just now uploading it. I ACCEPT MY FLAWS. (Anyway here it is...)
PERTY COOL? I thought so.

I've decided that this post is going to be about shoes as well so here are two different ones that I'm currently in love with. I WANT I WANT.
Prada Flame Heels

 Tom Ford's new wedge sandal

I feel that if I were to own the first pair it would instantly make me 1,00000X cooler. With the Tom Ford pair I'm picturing myself elegantly gliding in to some high class party on the top of a pent house in this Alexander Mcqueen dress . This WILL happen. 

So long dear Sarah!
xoxo Charlotte


  1. Those Pradas are absurd. Beautiful! The Tom Fordes are gorgeous. Thanks for the post.

    Peter @