Wednesday, February 8, 2012

part un

part deux

Dear Charlotte,
Wow, I actually hate you. How come I don't get to take part in a major fashion show? Jeezlouise, you lead a blessed life woman.
I don't know if we have talked about this before, but I was thinking the other day how much knowledge I actually get from Tumblr. It's so far superior to facebook because A. people are actually honest about their emotions and don't give off the "happy effect" that facebookers give off (the one where they seem like they're having waaay more fun then they actually are) and B.Tumblr is all about sharing cool things, rather than giving way to unhealthy stalking (which I am all too familiar with..)
The point of this rant is that on Tumblr a month or so ago, I came across a quote that said "When you take a little bit from everywhere else, it makes a place feel just like home." For some reason this has stayed with me ever since I first saw it, perhaps because it was one of those statements that makes an abstract idea seem simple and substantial. I love the idea of having objects that once belonged to someone else or came from far away in my house. Not just necessary things, like furniture, but little knickknacks and chachkies that have been accumulated over years.
I like the idea of having something that had a whole life before me and a history that I don't even know about.
As I'm sure you've guessed, I'm not exactly a big-time Minimalist. My house is full of random found objects and mismatched old furniture. The other day I got home and found the kitchen bookshelf completely cleaned out (apparently my mother wanted to do some mid-winter cleaning). Walking in, it felt completely wrong so I set about putting all the little "Guys" as my mom calls them, back on their shelf (hence the photo above). I can't wait to make my own collection of "Guys" and stuff from "every where else" to form my own home. Woo to a Small Appartments in New York City!!!!!!
I miss you muchly,


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