Saturday, November 19, 2011



Dear Sarah,
As you know, you give me so many new great artists and songs to check out so I give you full authority to take credit for finding any of  these songs. ANYWAYYYYS here are some tracks from my little music library brain think I believe are worthy of being on someone's next mixtape:

1. Ruby Falls-Guster (I mean...I just really really like them. ferrealz...)
2. West Coast-Coconut Records (I'm realizing already that these songs aren't exactly new, so that's all I have to say.)
3. Being Around-The Lemonheads (ditto^ but so good.)
4. Big Dreams-Likely Lads (I found them a while ago and I'm so proud of my discovery. WOOO)
5. Swing Tree-Discovery (Yep, this one is DEFINITELY credited to you my fine friend Sarah)
6. Man of the Hour-Pearl Jam (What a lovely song to listen to as you lay on your floor and sing)
7. I Am The Walrus-The Beatles (I felt walrus-y today. this is the only song I know about walrus's.)
8. Loser-Beck (Foot tapping away)
9. Annie Waits-Ben Folds (I don't really know why more people don't know this song. If you are in fact a person who knows it well however, I appreciate you.)
10. Into The Ocean-Blue October (Walrus's live in the ocean too. I'm sinking into insanity. goodbye)
11. First Day of My Life-Bright Eyes (Go watch this music video. It's so cute, I want their relationships)
12. Sixteen Military Wives-The Decemberists (Don't have much to say on this one. I'll speak in French :"Oui oui mon poisson!" there you are. The extent of my French knowledge.)
13. Sugar-Imperial Teen (Thanks mom)
14. Ooh La-The Kooks (If anyone would like to purchase tickets for me I suppose I'd be open to that.)
15. High And Dry-Radiohead (Always nice to have a little Radiohead up in thur...)
16. Kissing The Lipless-The Shins (...and The Shins)
17. B.M.F-Rick Ross (What a beautiful man. This was put on here semi-ironically. I'm sorry I can't say it was entirely a joke...oh my life.)

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