Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Burberry Spring 2012


The Spring 2012 Burberry collection rocked my world. It exemplified exactly what I want to look like and what I want to wear. This came as a surprise to me. When I think Burberry, I tend to picture Emma Watson wearing a well-made grey trench coat and standing among many attractive male models. While this is not at all a negative image (I love Emma Watson, Harry Potter’s amazing—duh), it isn’t exactly BAM! This perception of the brand, I admit, is limited to my viewing of its ad campaigns in Vogue, so maybe I am wrong in saying this but JEEZUM. This Spring collection was not the simple silhouette and monochromatic color scheme that I had expected. While I didn’t attend the show (umm I wish..), I was befuddled by the spangled, layered  clothes that I saw in photographs. What makes it so great? The texture? The blatant accessorizing (belts, hats)? The color? Maybe it’s a combination of all these elements that make it so exciting. 

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